MYCLOUD CLICK INC We transform your idea into new driving force for your business

MYCLOUD CLICK builds beautiful, fast, and stable web applications
tailored exclusively to meet your business goals. We apply cutting edge technologies and battle-tested tools in crafting custom web development solutions that provide an exceptional user experience and accelerate your business’s growth.

MYCLOUD CLICK develops web application tailored as per your need to increase workflow productivity and boots your business growth.

Analysis and Audit

Our team will sit with you to discuss your unique need. We will proceed further after analyzing the information shared by you.

Research and designing

We will dive deep into research to bring best strategy for your web application. Also, UI will be created to give idea about how your App will look like.

Choosing a technology & Development

We will choose best of available technology to develop a user friendly and functional web application that meet your needs.

Testing and Project launch

Your web App will go through rigorous testing to ensure it doesn’t have any bug and having desired features. After this it be launched for the use your team and customers.

Our Development Phase is divided into

Frontend Development – This phase is totally devoted to creating a user-friendly design of the Application. UX on our app is designed for seamless function with great usability. Our design team makes sure that App works well on all type of device. Also, performance on the frontend is fast for users on any connection. Some of the frontend technologies we use are HTM, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Angular Js. Etc.

Backend Development – Backend development refers to the server-side development of the Application. In this our primary focus is on monitoring functionality and making changes on it. Anything that can’t be seen easily to user such as databases and servers comes under backend. Some of the technologies we use are PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET Core, C#. NET, MS SQL.

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